Explore world class skin and hair care services at Makhija Skin Clinic – Best Skin and hair clinic in Raipur

Hair fall treatment

Done for getting fuller, thicker and longer hairs. Helps in stopping the Hair Fall and getting new hair regrowth. 

Hair growth treatment

Done for getting fuller, thicker and longer hairs. Helps in stopping the Hair Fall and getting new hair regrowth. 

Acne treatment

Treatment of Acne , pimples , post acne spots and pigmentation , uneven tone and post acne scars is done giving you a clean , smooth and glowing skin.



Wide range of face peels ranging from Anti Acne peels , Pre party peel , Anti ageing peel , Skin whitening peel , Face glow peel , Dark spot reduction peel & Pre Bridal Peel.


Acne Scar Treatment

Has your acne left scars on your face ? No worries ! We have the best skin doctor in Raipur to treat your Scars. Get your scars treated today with our expert skin specialist in Raipur. Dr. Nishant Makhija knows the best scar revision techniques that will make your scar disappear as if it was never ever there. Get completely scar free skin today.


Microneedling radiofrequency (MNRF) treatment for Acne Scars

MNRF is the latest technology for treatment of Acne Scars , Alopecia, Stretch Marks & Anti ageing. It is completely painless. Just takes 30 minutes time for 1 session. It works in the skin by generating new collagen that lifts up the acne scars.

Intralesional Injections

These are done in Keloids and Alopecia Areata


Wart & Skin Tag Removal

Get your unwanted growths removed instantly with our Radiofrequency and Laser treatments.

Mole Excision

Is a large and ugly looking mole spoiling your beauty ? Get it removed today with our expert mole excision techniques.

Vitiligo treatment ( Treatment for white spots )

Get your white spots treatment ( Vitiligo treatment ) today with best skin doctor in raipur. Dr. Dia Makhija is a Vitiligo treatment specialist and she knows how to give you the best results.

Ear Lobe Repair

Get rid of ugly split and torn ears with our Ear Lobe Repair treatments.


It is an antiageing treatment to achieve fuller cheeks, plump lips and perfect jawline. It also removes the undereye hollowness and gives you the perfectly beautiful fresh looking face you have always desired for.

Thread lift

Corrects the wrinkles & sagging skin and gives you a tighter, younger skin instantly

Skin & Body Polishing

Perfect pre party procedure that removes the dead skin cells resulting in a glowing healthy skin


We provide fully customized skin care packages perfectly crafted and suited for your skin type to get the epic look that you have always desired on your wedding day.


Advanced Skin brightening treatment

Remove the Pigmentation, Tanning & Darkness from your face today with our Face glow treatments.