Dark circles treatment by Skin doctor in raipur

Dark Circles – Causes and treatments

What are dark circles ?

Dark circles also known as periorbital hypermelanosis is darkness or pigmentation around the eye area. Often it makes you look tired or sometimes older than your age.


What causes dark circles ?

1) Hereditary

2) Lack of sleep

3) Eye strain

4) Fatigue or exhaustion

5) Sun exposure

6) Allergies

7) Age

How to treat dark circles ?


At home treatments

1) Apply a cold compress

2) Get some extra sleep

3) Elevate your head

4) Soak with tea bags

5) Conceal with make up

In-Clinic treatments

1) Dark circle removal treatment ( DCR treatment)

2) Dark circle removal creams and serums

3) Eye peels

4) Q switch laser

  1. 5) Tissue FillersDark circles

How is the result of Dark circles treatment ?

With treatment, upto 80 Percent dark circles show good response and get cleared within 3 months 


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