Back Acne – All you want to know !

Back Acne, Really ??

Yes, something known as back acne does exist. As your face has oil glands, so does your back and shoulders. When these oil glands get blocked by sebum and dead cells it results in acne.

Is it common ?

Back acne is quite common and mostly affects people between the ages of 15 to 30.

Is it Itchy ?

Yes, sometimes it is.

Why does it happen ?

It happens when the oil glands on the shoulders and back get blocked due to sebum and dead cells. This can happen under the effect of hormones.

What if i don’t take any treatment ?

Back acne can get really ugly if not treated. It can leave red to brown to black spots after healing. Also it can leave behind pits and uneven texture known as acne scars. Its much easier to treat back acne than the spots and scars.

How can I get it treated ?

It can be treated by having a proper course of pills that the doctor will prescribe. These pills will kill the acne causing bacteria. Also a proper anti acne wash and creams need to be applied to open up the blocked glands. Back peels are a real life saver for someone who has a severe back acne.

How long will it take to cure ?

It takes almost 2 to 3 months time to control back acne.

Will it never happen again ?

Maintenance is required after the completion of the treatment, if you don;t want it again !! Your skin doctor will guide you with the maintenance once you complete the treatment.

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