Hormonal Acne

How to find out if your Acne is Hormonal ?

Hormonal acne

Acne also known as pimples can be divided into two types. One is the normal acne or teenage acne that happens in young age around 15 to 25 years. the other variant of acne is known as adult acne or hormonal acne that happens in the age group of 30 to 45 years. There are quite a few ways in which the hormonal acne differs from the normal acne. So let’s see how you can find out if you have hormonal acne :

1) When you see acne happening mainly around the jawline area then it’s more likely to be hormonal acne

2) If you feel your skin is too oily.

3) If acne lesions are big and painful

4) Hormonal acne tends to worsen with stress

5) Hormonal acne tends to increase near to your dates.



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