laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal in Raipur

Makhija skin clinic offers painless laser hair removal treatment in Raipur. To book your appointment call us on 8369925083.

How does Laser hair removal Work ?

The laser targets the pigment melanin in the hair follicle. The pulsed light of the laser alters the pigment and the altered pigment destroys the hair root. This is the reason why the pigment melanin is necessary in the hair follicle for the laser to work properly. That’s why the laser hair removal works only on black hairs as it contains a good amount of pigment melanin.

How does Laser Feel ?

Laser hair removal is now a days painless. The new diode technology in laser hair removal feels like a warm sensation and there is no discomfort during the procedure.

How long the results of Laser hair removal last ?

There is upto 90 percent hair reduction in just 6 to 9 sittings of laser hair removal. Once to twice yearly maintainence sessions are needed once the desired results have been achieved.

Is laser hair removal Painful ?

Laser hair removal is painless now a days.

How long does it take ?

Each sitting of laser hair removal is done at a gap of 2 months. A total of 6 to 9 sittings are required. So it takes about 1 year time for complete treatment of laser hair removal.

Is it worth it ?

Laser hair removal completely changes the way you feel about yourself and the way the others perceive you. It drastically changes your life and looks. It is hundred percent worth it. Go for it !!

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