Chemical Peel

Do you need a Chemical Peel ? Let us understand. Our skin is flawless and beautiful during our childhood, isnt it ? As the years pass, it becomes dull. looses its shine and smooth texture, fine lines and wrinkles develop, and of course we can notice some pigmentation as well. This is the cumulative result of sun exposure and pollution that reflects onto the top visible layer of our skin.

Our skin is made up of 5 layers, from top to bottom. The top layer suffers the maximum damage due to external environment. During childhood, this damage cannot be seen, as the top layer sheds away very fast, in a matter of few days, and a new layer from the bottom comes up and takes its place. This maintains the healthy flawless shine on the face.

As we age, the top layer loooses its capability to shed off and it stays there as a dead layer suffering all the damage and reflecting a dull wrinkled look. Here comes the need of a chemical peel, which sheds off this layer and allows a new healthy layer of skin to come and take its place bringing back the glory of face.

Face peels are safe procedures when done in safe hands. They are not painful and just take 30 minutes. Sun protection is required at least for 5 days after a face peel. Results are usually noticeable within 12 to 15 days.

Face peels are perfect for brides before marriage, for someone having an important event or a function, before a party (Pre Party Peel) , or just for maintainence of a healthy glowing skin.

Dr. Nishant Makhija, MBBS, M.D.
Consultant Dermatologist
Makhija Skin Clinic , Raipur